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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from e2!!

Wow, this has been a fast year, it's hard to imagine that Christmas is only days away. Are you done shopping? Are you prepared to embrace the festivities? I know all the little children are excited for Santas visit, and the bigger children excited to get all their gifts too!

2011 has been a year of ups and downs, most definitely a year of positive change. That's how life is in our world...I'm an avid believer in if something doesn't work, change it. If people are negative and bringing you down, get them out of your life...because, as we can see from 2011 alone, time flies by and truly, what is the point in staying in a situation that makes you entirely miserable or what's the point of being around people who are selfish or negative or simply suck the energy out of you.

The Christmas season and heading into the New Year is a great time to reflect on your immediate past and figure what you want, who you want to spend time with, prioritize how you want spend your time in your life for it to continue to grow. What changes (either physically or mentally) do you need to make in your life.Of course, it's mainly a time to spend with loved ones and family members you may or may not often see through out the year...It's a great opportunity to sit down over that wonderful turkey dinner and actually share some laughs, communicate with each other and find out how everyone else's year has been. Perhaps even ask them about their goals and what changes they'd like for the New Year.

So after the gift giving and merriment, and as we focus on 2012 take time to think about what you actually want. Do you still want to be where you are now? In the same job? In the same house? Are you happpy? Would you like to make changes but scared to? Do the people in your life fulfill you? Family, friends etc. Things to ponder and ask yourself.

On a lighter note we would simply like to wish all of you amazing people a very Merry Christmas!! May 2012 be filled with peace, love and prosperity in abundance!!

Our Best.




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